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Investing for Retirement Planning

Brief description of investment options chosen for Retirement –

PPF – A government-backed fund that invests only in government bonds. Provides tax saving.

Equity Mutual Funds – Invests in the shares of various companies listed on stock exchanges, chosen by professional Fund Managers after careful and thorough research & analysis. Provides tax planning option.

Debt Mutual Funds – Invests in a mix of Government bonds, RBI bonds, State bonds along with various bonds from deeply researched companies. No Tax saving but lower tax than FDs.

NPS(National Pension System) – Invest in a mix of Stocks, Government bonds, and Corporate bonds. Tax saving over and above the other sections

Insurance policies – Not suitable at all, as the returns do not even match inflation and you don’t get the adequate life insurance. Only pure term plan should be chosen, which is cheap as well as provides proper insurance cover.

Returns from various investment options and allocation to your retirement portfolio – 

But how it is planned

Bottomline –

Although It is a very healthy sign that most of the people are concerned about retirement and really want to plan for it but lack of awareness and not enough guidance puts the plan in jeopardy.

People often choose inadequate financial products for their retirement. With the assistance of experts & professional financial advisor, the journey of retirement planning will become really smooth.

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