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Mr. Nilaksh Bajpai, Director Engineering at Nutanix

My association with FinVise has been for a good 10 years now. It has been a long and rewarding journey thus far and I rely on them for all my financial planning. Amongst a host of benefits of working with them, I feel the trust that has developed over the years is something that stands out. The team is very talented in their field and their systematic approach has allowed me to take a goal-oriented approach towards my financial planning. I wish them luck for the future and would look forward to continuing leaning on them.

Mr. Harvinder Singh Kalsi, Regional Business Leader Woodward India

I have worked with FinVise for over 5 years, and I am excited to watch the team grow and develop as reliable and trustworthy financial advisors. Team FinVise is very knowledgeable and works extensively to develop and implement financial plans. I regularly seek their financial advice which has helped me grow my financial portfolio.

Mr. Dashmeet Singh, Senior Manager - Transformation, Denave India

I and My parents have been associated with FinVise India for more than a year now. My parents were initially very afraid to invest in equity thinking that it was too risky. Team FinVise has been increasing their exposure very gradually and has built their confidence in this asset class, always advising them according to their risk appetite and never pushing any option on them. They have built a strong portfolio for me and my family that has given us good returns over the volatile market conditions of the past year. I am very confident that this association with FinVise India will reap huge returns for me and my family in the long run.”

Brig (Retd.) S.B Joshi,

Noida, U.P

“I, Brigadier S B Joshi, have been using services of FinVise for over five years now. They have been providing me total and 'One Window' services for all my financial matters including consultancy on savings, investments as well as handling of day to day transactions and related issues. Their team also takes care of my IT concerns. I repose my total trust on them for their knowledge of financial and business matters. They possess natural instinct to study and analyze the market trends, rendering most apt advice to his client. The advise is invariably sound but non-imposing and with suitable options. Besides their professional competence, I find them to be a very nice humble, sincere and honest team who are available round the clock to their clients. I am lucky to have them as my consultant cum friend who has relieved me totally of all my financial stress.”

Mr. Inderdeep Dhillon, Sales Director - Cloud Platform, Oracle India. Gurgaon, India

I have been associated with Mr. Jitender Chaudhary for almost 12 years now. The biggest element I have perceived in my years of association with him has been the “Trust Factor”. Jitender has always proactively shared the associated risks with any kind of investment that I have done. I always am at peace that my investments are in Trustworthy hands.

Mr. Kapil Sabharwal, Head Communication, Genesis BCW Gurgaon

Jitender is by far the finest professional that I have come across. You may not trust your own folks with your finances but you can trust him. He has never given anyone an advice that wasn't apt for the individual or the one that only served him right. In today's uncertain times, financial planning is a must and an imperative. For most of the people out there, the key to a better life, may just be a close understanding of finances and understanding ways to grow it. Jitender does this part beautifully and with utmost honesty. I wish him all the success and happiness in life.

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