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Journey to Wealth - Story 4

Vijay Kedia is a prestigious name in the world of investment. He is an inspiration for those who are wondering about having success in investing career. He is a common person with superior intelligence. Beginning from Rs 35, 000 to 200 crores, he has become one of the most successful stock market investors, and his strategies and investment styles are followed by many investors.

Early Life and Journey in the Stock Market

Vijay was born in a Marwari family, a family of stockbrokers. He entered in the stock market at the age of 18 years after his father passed away in 1978. He joined the stock market due to compulsion because he has to support his family business. Over the next few years, he was only trading in the market. He was making money and sometimes losing it. He was not earning enough from the trading, and that’s why he started a side business of supplying tea.

In the year 1990, Vijay came to Mumbai and moved to long-term investing based on company fundamentals. He stayed in a rented house and changed many times due to the shortage of money. He only had Rs. 35,000 for investment and he invested all his money in a sole stock Punjab tractors which enhance up to three times in three years. He got a return of Rs.1,05,000, and he put all the money in ACC at the cost of Rs.300. For the first year, the stock didn’t move, but it went up to ten times in the next year. Afterward, he sold ACC at a price of Rs.3000 and bought a house in Mumbai.

All the stocks which were opted by him have become multi-bagger. He has also found out multi-baggers such as Atul Auto and Cera Sanitaryware which offered him a hundred times return in ten years. At present, he holds a stake of more than one percent in at least fifteen listed companies. After that, he never looked back, and Vijay Kedia persists in making prosperous investments in several companies.

Here are some of the success secrets of Vijay Kedia


In today’s dynamic business environment, you really need appropriate experience and skills. Without the right knowledge and experience, one can’t get an excellent job or can’t set up a perfect business. The same thing is applicable in the case of the stock market as well as the investment. You need the appropriate knowledge and skills to become a successful investor. You have to discover a good quality stock which has the capability to become multi-baggers in the near future.


Patience is one of the essential things in the stock market. Sometimes, you have to encounter upwards and downwards of the stock market. If you are not gaining, then you have to remain patient.

Risk-Taking Capability

Lots of risks are present in the stock market. You can make a lot of money, or you can even lose your hard-earned money. Many investors are scared about investing in the stock market. Vijay is brave enough to take risks.

The life of Vijay Kedia was full of struggles. He is so confident enough to discuss his success as well as failures.

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